Bram Kamps. PhD student. The double trouble of insect attack and water stress: Using natural variation in plant adaptations to a water gradient to elucidate how plants defend against insect herbivory while facing water stress.



Luuk Croijmans. PhD student. How does increased crop diversity lead to higher arthropod biodiversity and enhanced ecosystem services?



Mitchel Bourne. PhD student. Beware of the enemy of your enemy’s enemy: plant-mediated interaction networks that allow hyperparasitic wasps to find their parasitoid host.



Hanneke Suijkerbuijk. PhD student. Enhancing Brassica seed yield and quality: Understanding the role of herbivory in outcrossing through pollination and self-incompatibility.



Zoë Delamore. PhD student. Intricate interactions: investigating plant defence strategies to deal with multi-herbivore attack and their fitness consequences in Brassicaceae.



Sarah Kalisvaart. PhD student. The spitting image: ecological effects of a parasitoid virus through caterpillar oral secretions.



Maximilien Cuny. Post-doc. Parasitoid induced plant responses.




  Gabriel Joachim. Technician.




Former group members